Ibn e Musa

I am a patriotic Pakistani and a firm believer in Allah. I have a Master's degree in Islamic law and have been teaching Islamic Jurisprudence since 2017. In my spare time, I read books, study the Quran, and watch movies.

Hey, I have something to recommend.

Are you stuck at home due to COVID-19 and have a lot of spare time? Why not utilize this time and learn something and earn Thawab at the same time?

I recently came across this very useful e-portal to learn Quran. They provide one 1 one online Quran classes through very qualified Quran tutors. In fact, I enrolled in their Quran Tafseer course and found it very useful. The tutor was highly qualified and professional. I am sure their other courses will also be very good.

This provides a great opportunity for everyone who wants to learn Quran but their busy schedule, long commutes, or the absence of a qualified tutor is preventing them. Particularly useful for kids & females no matter their location.
Feb 21, 1986 (Age: 38)
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