You took money from Imran Khan and now speaking Pakistan's language - A BJP leader blames Congress Rep


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Proof of IK successful policy as India calling Saudi prince MBS is Ambassador of Pakistan & Lady politican in this show who is telling truth is being accused that she takes money from Imran Khan 🤣🤣🤣
(PAKISTAN could have never seen this situation under prime minister ship of Naa Ahail Nawaz sharif , this is the difference which an honest and capable leadership of imran khan has made

They tell how modi policy of hatred has increased attacks on their troops
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مودی کے چمچے کو آئنہ دکھایا تو اس کی جمہوریت خطرے میں۔۔۔


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جدید جنگیں جتنی میدان جنگ میں لڑی جاتی ہیں اس سے زیادہ میدان جنگ کے باہر - تقسیم کرو اور جیتو


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Imran Khan kisi ko lafafa de ga!!!!!, iss se zeaada jhoot kia ho sakta he.
Oho samjha karo na? Mein kehta hoon Imran nay dia hay lifafa?
Larnay do na apis mein?
Chuddi se chuddi laray! Mujhay khushi kion na charhay?🤡


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if bloody indian don't used our commodities around the world then being a Pakistan why we cannot do the same to their products. come on guys show the love to our mother land.
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