You are puting national security at risk by ignoring Karachi- Fakhar-e-Alam


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Furkhroo Bhai !!
Kitna Ghussa...... Thora Ro Bhi Lete...
Saley Aaj dooba ha tera makan pani main tho Phat gayi ha or Cheekh raha ha....
Es se pehley jab Kachi Bastian Zer-e-Aab Aati thein tho Koi Fikr Nahi thi or Bas Music pe Thumkey Maar raha tha....
Tamiz tho seekh le..... Cheekhta ha sala...


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پی پی نے مشرقی پاکستان سے ووٹ نا ملنے پر یہی کیا تھا


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He is not very wrong in warning , People of Karachi knew PPP is in Government to loot only, there will be no development of Karachi,they trusted Imran Khan that Karachi will get deserving respect and share if IK is in power as PM, they voted for PTI got PTI 13seats out of 21 National Assembly seats, they were waiting for federal to take Karachi under its wing or declare Karachi as a Province, that never happened, then came the plane crash at Model Colony Karachi, none of PTI member visited the site or the victims(PM and PRESINDENT SHOULD HAVE VISITIED), now the worst disaster of rain, many are killed, Karachi is left with no electricity, no sewerage, no basic utilities, people cannot step out and they are not approached by any Government official, once again all these portfolio holders are sitting safe at their homes. They are forcing Karachi to become they easy pray of any Pakistan enemy, who may decide , come forward , provide every help and win the hearts.
If they still fail and kept saying we have no power in Sindh/Karachi, or they did not try to reqach the affected people in Karachi and did not make Karachi Independandent province or under Federal, I do not think PTI will have any seat in coming elections from Karachi, I wish to see PTI successful , but they have to prove they deserve.
So far they have proved to be the most harmful, because PPP has started taking revenge for losing 13 seats, and PTI had only been enjoying 13 seats, producing nothing for Karachi. DO or DIE is the situation.....PLEASE DO IT.


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Yup, while you were paayeng bhangra with billo in Sindh festival, this shit was in the pipes. Literally.


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All the suffering in Karachi is a gift from PPP and PMLN to the people who voted for them, you kept putting these harami chore in power and you are crying today, even if PTI could help you it would have to be a miracle from god because harami like Nawaz, billu bhutto and zardari stole everything, the country does not even have a pot to piss in, do you still support harami bhutto zardari and nawaz? Go to your mosque and pray extremely hard that PTI will be blessed with ability to do miracles quickly because those of you who supported the corrupt are to blame for every problem of the country.
Even the saints and angels in heaven would struggle to fix Pakistan after how badly the country was brutally raped by PPP and PMLN and MQM and other harami traitors. Our country does not need enemies when we have traitors on our own soil willing to destroy their own country!

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He was in ppp😂😂😂
😂 😂 😂 😂 Sahi pakarda is BC cheeko ko. Yeh kutta sirf PPP mein nahi balkay in ki tarah corrupt tareen kutta hai. sailaab aur zalzalay ki zakat ke paisay urdha ke Dubai mein properties ley li. Aur hum idhar Overseas Pakistanis donations, care packages, clothing, shelter bhar bhar ke Dubai se Pakistan bheej rahe the us waqt aur yeh Paleet party ke kuttay wohi paisa ley ke wapis Dubai mein ayaashi ker rahe the.

Is liye 2010 mein pukka faisla ker liya Pakistan ko sari donations sirf aur sirf through Shaukat Khanum Fund yar Phir Imran Khan Trust ke through bheejni hai.

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