Yay Ghazi Yay Teray "Purasrar" Banday


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1st we pimped our self against Soviets for Americans & "Mujahideen" for 15 + long years


we pimped our self against "Mujahideen" for Americans for 15 + long years


we are getting ready to pimp our self against Iran for Arab Monarchs for God knows how many years


interestingly, it was not the say of people but the order of a FA pass General that led to our national pimping on a global scale !

Go back to your pimp country bharat


Bharat is-breaking apart


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The man is on the ground injured unarmed. That's a full stop. And you bare witness that you know ? What is the worth of your witness today or on the day of judgment?
What kind of messed up thinking is that. They did not want to torture him so they shot him a million times ?
Ok man you win. I definitely can't beat your logic.
This same injured man if he was given another chance would have come back and killed many more civilians and soldiers, this is called elimination of terrorists.
It seems barbaric, but to stop barbarism some times to safe the majority, to apply a law, you have to make examples putting your self in difficult situations. You think any human enjoys killing another ......no, but its all circumstances , education that turn people into wildness and then some one have to stop i
t. It is confusing, complicated but a reality of life unfortunately.
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