Will the country run by Amnesty Scheme, Sherry Rehman


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Besharmi or Begairti ki agar koi inteha dekhna chahay to in Zaleel logon ko dekhay!!!
she is a marxist commie liberal femin and that is where shame goes to die. Its where 'beygairat' brigade comes into be known and they make fun of people by calling them 'ghairat' brigade.

secondly she reps the fake accounts party that has swallowed sindh whole.


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ISLAMABAD: Preferring short-cuts to extend a major relief to the elite ahead of the general election, the PPP-led coalition government introduced on Monday the controversial tax amnesty bill in the National Assembly to whiten black money and assets at home and abroad within three months against a nominal one-time charge.



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اس گشتی ایرانی کتی کی بچی بنظیر نے پاکستان کو برباد کر دیا
اور اب یہ حرام زادے زادیاں پاکستان میں ہو کر پاکستان پر بھونکتے ہیں

ان کا ایک ہی حل ہے تمام سیاست دانوں کا جس پر ہم سب کو اتفاق کرنا چاہیے


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No the country is run by Allah. Your pocket money, though, comes from the real BISP-Bsharm income support program sponsored by sindh govt and foreign agencies for decades.
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