Will Bring 30 Lac Workers At NAB | Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Warns


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His million march and sit in was a big flop.This molvi has no support among the masses.He will be humiliated again.Forget about 30 lac can't gather 3000.Does this jahil know second wave of covid-19 can not be ruled out?.Does he want madrassa students to catch covid-19.
Like he cares about madarassah student...uses them like tissue paper


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If Imran can bring couple of hundred Broiler Chickes on the wink of Umpire and seize Islamabad on tuned of DJ Butt, then Maulana sure can enter D Chowk with few lakh madrrasa students that he has loaned several times to Pindi Forces in the past for the betterment of PAKISTAN 🤪
Lets assume, Rs 1000 is expense per person to bring to Islamabad these 3Millions a cost will be Rs3Bn. Please have your head office located in India to send this money to Fazal if you want a change in Pakistan.


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NAB should summon him to their camp office in the middle of the desert somewhere...and let him bring his 3 million there.


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Gone are the days when big processions would turn the tide. Molana's boys chickened out in Islamabad dharna and would not respond to his call again. The army should know this by now that seminary boys were only a hypothetical threat, actually they have been tested and are no threat. Give a big baton to Fazlu Rahman like was given to Khadim Rizvi. Insha Allah things will turn out better.


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Molvi Fazulo will bring brain slave poor students of his all Madarsas who mostly study these madarsas becoz Thiers parents cant's efford Thiers bread and butter..only few exceptions..


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In last dharna.. every head and common teacher of all Fazulo madarsas responsible to bring all students and gave them enough money to stay in ISB..Poor madarsas students don't have any options..Thiers roll calls were conducted along with teachers..


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جس کسی نے بھی کسی بھی جنرل کے خلاف بولنا ہے کسی جنرل نے کوئی زیادتی کیُ اس بندے پر کوئی ظلم کیا اس بندے کو پورا پورا حق ہے کہ اس جنرلُ خلاف جو کہنا ہے کہے جو گالیاں دینی ہیں وہ دے وہ جانے اور وہ جنرل جانے مگر اگر کوئی گشتی کا بچہ حرامُ کا نطفہ کسی بد بودار طواؤف کی نسل ہماری پوری فوج کے خلاف بھونک کر انڈین۔ ناریٹیو کو پروان چڑھا کر ہماری ساری فوج کو سارے ادارے کو برا کہہُکر ہمارے شہیدوں ،غازیوں اور مجاہدوں کی توہین کرنا چاہتا ہے تو ایسے گشتی کے بچے کو اپنی ماں انڈیا جاکر چ ۔۔۔کی ضرورت ہے ہماری فوج کے خلاف بھونک کر ہمارےجوانوں۔ شہیدوں مجاہدوں اور غازیوں کی توہین کرنے والے گشتی کے بچوں کو کتے کی موت مرنا ہوگا ہمارے شہدا کی قربانیوں کی توہین کرنے والے کتے خنزیر اور گشتی کے بچوں کو یا اپنی ماں انڈیا جاکر چ ۔۔۔لو ہماری افواج کی مزید توہین نہیں برداشت


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Aan deyo!! Is molbi aur phoj ki jaang mein jo bhi jiya, marega akhir mein haraamkhor hi. so just chill and buy some popcorns and enjoy the fight.
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