Why PTI's Masroor Ali Siyal assaults journalist Imtiaz Khan Faran in a talk show?


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Not good - can't get violent just because you disagree. Disagree vehemently but don't take matters into your own hands.


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What Sial did was not right and should be held answerable for his act --But what is the background and standing of this chakra journalist- Imtiaz Faraan? Does he have an iota of ethics not to make threats and do badmaashi to his guests?
What does such a lowlife expects ?- his blackmailing and abuse should be tolerated on the name of freedom of expression; Why?

PTI has issued show cause notice to Sial and suspended his membership
but when the journalist community will have the moral courage to call so-called senior journalist Imtiaz for his misbehavior and take him to task?
Ethics is not a one-way street that the media hosts can abuse and threat with impunity. With such double-face and munafqat , the journalist community is deeply hated by common and poor Pakistanis.
Can people hope for any op-ed article demanding accountability of this scum Intiaz Faraan as well?
Probably he is associated with jang group and daily Awam, been president of PPF (which has been showered with funds by foreign organization! Is this is the kind of journalism that some foreign agencies wish to promote?)
In the past papers such as Daily awam have enjoyed largess of state officials and now they are very angry and frustrated. (Was Daily Awam anyway connected to altaf's mqm!!!)


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پی ٹی آئی کے وزیر کے خلاف تو کارروائی بنتی ہی ہے مگر کیا صحافی جنت

سے نازل ہوئے ہیں، کیا وہ دودھ کے دھلے ہیں ؟ یہ حرامزادے بندے

کی ''گاف'' میں انگلی کرتے ہیں اور جب بندہ ان کے خلاف بولتا ہے

تو کتی کے بچے آگے سے مظلوم بن جاتے ہیں
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