Who Will Win From NA-133 Lahore? Ejaz Chaudhry? Pervez Malik Or Zaeem Qadri?

v r imran k

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Yes you are right but my hopes are with imran khan
brother all insafians hopes with imran khan but we should look with fair analysis ..

second thing only not support in social media we should go out 25 jul and cast our vote then imran khan can become prime minister of pakistan if we sleep at home and just focus on social media then very difficult for imran khan ..we should preparation before 25 jul from today we check our name/all family name in voter list and check our poling station then ensure to cast vote early morning lahoris usually late going .....my young fallow help old people and old ladies to cast vote to bat make ensure every pti supporter cast his time before 05 pm in the evening and guide them when result came out from particular poling station then they ill go home ..hopes this time things ill be chnage

i tell you one thing this time fight is neck to neck with non leak in punjab specialy central punjab upper hand so only one thing edge we have turn out if pti got big turn out more then 50% then pti definitely win ..low turn out non leak always win
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