Where is Daniyal Aziz?

Dr Adam

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Was just wondering where did this most Irritable and fat person disappeared?

Is he banned from representing PMLN or has he been neutralised by GREAT KHAN?
He is been busy fingering to pml n ladies, we recently saw tht video, thought forgot tht lady name
He got something stuck up Hinas butt

وہ آج کل فیٹ امیگو کے ساتھ مل کر باؤ جی کی جگہ کوٹ لکھپت جیل کے قیدیوں کے بیت الخلا صاف کرنے کی ڈیوٹی کر رہا ہے


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Despite owning billions of properties, these sick minded people are destined to lick the shoes and wage tails infront of choosen masters...
May be this is the result of Haram money.

While a hawker earning few hundreds a day can speak his heart out and living freely. Power of halal earning.
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