What Shaheed Haroon Bilour Said About Reham Khan's Upcoming Book?


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Allah marnay walo ke gunah maf karay..
aik baat ki samjh nahi ati.ANP.. apnay abao ajdad se hi Pakistan ki mukhalaf aur Hindus ke supporter rehay hain..be zahir namaz weghaira bhi parrhtey hai .phir Kon log in ka sath detay Hain ur in ko vote detay Hain..ur Kon log pathano mein hi se in se shadeed nafrat kartey Hain..?

Two Stooges

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میں پشاور کا باشندہ ہوں، میں بلور فیملی کی مالی بد عنوانیوں کے بارے میں تو کچھ نہیں جانتا
لیکن پشاور کے مقامی لوگ بلور فیملی کی وضع داری، اور اپنے لوگوں کیساتھ رابطہ رکھنے میں شہرت رکھتے ہیں

یوں کہہ لیجئے، کہ بلور فیملی پشاور کے چوھدری برادران ہیں


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A very unfortunate incident and big loss for his family losing him --- Man seemed to have some principles --- Yesterday Muhammad Maalik was telling that how honest and innocent person he was --- We all pray for his forgiveness and better place for him after life and also SABAR for his family


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May ALLAH SWT rest his soul in peace,

complements of his rivals shows that he was a good person.

ALLAH SWT lawaheqeen ko sabar e Jameel dey, comments of his child on the TV showed that he has a brave family.
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