What PMLN Supporters are going to do for nawaz sharif on friday ..Listen This PMLN Supporter

Two Stooges

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چین میں ماؤزے تُنگ نے افیون کھانے والوں کو مار کر ترقّی کا سفر شروع کیا، جو آج تک جاری وساری ہے
پاکستان میں کوئی بندہ پیدا ہو کر اِس ذہنی معذور مخلوق کا خاتمہ کرلے، اورشر طیاً
اگلے 20 سال میں کم از کم تائیوان جتنا ترقی یافتہ بن جائے


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not just him, more than half of Punjab is mentally retarded
only way to save nation is for army to rig election to get rid of these people and let their supporters cry


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in the last few days i have seen the most idiotic and pathetic side of humanity which is called the N supporter. One guy even agreed that NS is corrupt and the punishment is right, but will still vote for N. One idiot said N didnt do anything but still vote for him because "its his marzi" - lanat dar lanat on these people. They are holding this country back for decades due to their extreme pathetic nonsense. They are single handedly responsible for their own misery. But the biggest tragedy is that people really have to suffer because of the decision of these morons...
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