what is the urdu default font on this website


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i get disjointed letters on my ubuntu,, i suggest you get the CRULP (pakistani linux group developed) Nafees and Naksh fonts and default and use the current font as third backup rather than main font... I am getting disjointed letters on browser in linux at http://www.crulp.org/software/localization/Fonts/nafeesNastaleeq.html... Also i want to ask what is the encoding for urdu text (i would encourage use of utf-16)
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@Adeel @Waseem @Mehrushka @Naeem

seems like the issue is quite old and needs serious attention...

Let me explain:
When I do not install any additional urdu font, I get disjointed words on siasat.pk but not on urdu.geo.tv but the font style is same (ugly) (serious) on both
But when I install Jameel Noori nastaleeq font, urdu.geo.tv adopts it automatically and life becomes beautiful but siasat.pk does not adopt it automatically :(.

I have tried to install many urdu fonts uncluding nastaleeqweb but siasat.pk tass se mass nai hoti...

This happens to both firefox and chrome so browser does not seem to be the issue.
Also, in firefox-edit-preferences-content- fonts and colors - advanced, I have allowed the websites to force there default font styles. Maybe that is the reason when I install jameel noori nastaleeq, geo.tv accepts it automatically without telling it...

Please do something or I will spam this thread until it comes on the front page..:p


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Well, I forgot to mention the version of ubuntu, its 11.10.
Wanna know the versions of firefox and chrome as well???

ps: I am not spamming YET.(bigsmile)


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your message was received loud and clear.
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Please do not spam the thread.
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isi liay aaj pm ki hai :)....
wese one more question,

are the mentions working? I mean if I write @Adeel, will he get some notification that someone mentioned him in some post?
I know that quotes work but I am asking about mentions..


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all the way from 10.04 upto 13.04, Ubuntu has succeeded in "preserving" this problem !!!
I installed every urdu/arbic/farsi(persian) font that I found on internet, on this Linux machine , but all in vain. Not only Siasat.pk but also facebook has this problem.
However other news websites (e.g. BBC.co.uk/urdu and Express.pk) have no problems related to broken fonts.