What is the biggest danger for PM Imran Khan govt? Muhammad Malick Analysis


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Pakistan enemies are in the same bed and laughing at her potential demise ...unfortunately there are enough enemies from within aiding their course
ALLAH willing Pakistan will have the last laugh


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But he is right that PTI does not know how handle inflation.
Inflation is directly linked to economy , these morons are confusing the people who don't know the link between two. All economic indicators are positive from last couple of months and it was expected that economy will stabilise by first quarter of 2020, after which the prices will be coming down as the pressure will be released from rupee (which was going down).


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Noora has been kicked out from Pakistan for a minimum of 9 years. (4 years of PTI's remaining tenure + another term of 5 years of PTI)

That was the reason at the time of departure there was no fanfare from the Noora League leadership. In fact, most of the leaders were not allowed to speak to him because Noora family was afraid of facing questions from party loyalists about Noora's escaping from Pakistan a "La Saudi-Musharraf style".

This time the difference was unlike last lime there is no NRO, means all the corruption cases & subsequence convictions would remain in place until Noora comes back. And total silence from Noora has been assured during the exile period.
No Vhason-Tashon no criticism of Govt or Army.

And you don't have to be a Kissinger to understand a 69 years old convict would never come back to finish his 10 years Jail term in Pakistan.

Million $ question how about '420 Nani Maryam'?

She would be allowed to join her father subject to a condition of remaining total silent while in exile & looted money has to be sent to Pakistan.
She is under rehearsal now & anybody could notice her present "speechless Mode" Instead of indulging herself in funny "twitter warrior" or "twitter revolutionary" job there is a complete mum from her side.
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