What is Contempt Of Court? - Article 204 - Siasat.pk Exclusive


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This video explains what rights and protections Article 204 of constitution of Pakistan ?provieds to the judiciary of Pakistan. In every civilized society the judiciary should be given enough due respect and freedom so it may be able to make free judgments without any external interfere.

Siasat.pk is working on a series of educational videos, enlightening the masses about the Constitution of Pakistan and other laws that they need to know. Let us know how do you like it and feel free to give us your suggestions & ideas for betterment and constructive criticism is also welcome.

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Abdul Haadi

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Re: Contempt Of Court - Article 204 - Siasat.pk Exclusive

And who looks over Judges, are they free from any action against them until they retire?


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Re: Contempt Of Court - Article 204 - Siasat.pk Exclusive

There's Supreme Judicial Council For That.
چندچور مل کر یہ فیصلہ کریں گے کہ دوسرے چور کو کتنی سزا دینی ہے؟؟


My dear brother all
in fact constitution of Pakistan is supreme. but unfortunately everybody thinking who are working under and as per constitution of pakistan otherwise if we read constitution of Pakistan article 2 is most powerful article Quran and Ahadees so article 2 is connected to article 4 law and four is connected to article 5 the article five difines every pakistani is under legal obligation to accept the said constitution so now we direct to court where article 199 used for process in fact the contempt is called violation to article 199 but explained in article 204 all lawyers and their sujdah given power to judges
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