What is Article 149? Will Karachi come under federal govt? know from Dr Aamir Liaquat

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جنرل باجوہ نے سندھ کی جواں نسل کے ساتھ عمدہ وقت گزارا گزارش ہے اب آرمی چیف سندھ پر ۱۱ سال سے حکمراں سیاسی قیادت کو بھی مد عو کر کے محض اتنا پوچھ لیں 11 سال میں 1100ارب روپوں کے ترقیاتی بجٹ کا کیا کیا اور سندھ کے خزانے میں 95 فیصد دینے والے کراچی کو نشان عبرت کیوں بنایا ہے


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Federal government should bypass PPP and MQM and give the contract to a company they can trust with financial transparency. Government should run solid waster management department with it's own budget. They should build a landfill 30 to 40 KM away from the city (or take it to the island, If Singapore can build Island on garbage why can't we).

1) Collection of garbage
2) sorting center (separate recycle items)
3) Take it to the PIT for compacting
4) waste to energy
5) To the rest of the garbage to Landfill.

Trash Cleaning Vehicles:

Installing garbage dumpster (Give the responsibility to are counselor to make sure garbage is pickup on time, if not complain to the authority)

Use commercial sweeper for main streets and highways.


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Sindh Gov tou khush hogi Karachi k paisay mil chukay per kaam nh krna parayga ab aur royeingay bhi k le lia ham se khi


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Nothing going to be happened
A strong Corrupt Wardi and Wadera Gathjor is real owner of Sindh n Karachi.
No expectations any good from establishment as they are main part of crime n PTI MQMP are nothing their Ghumashtey.
Karachites should wait and pray at the moment for a change a nature will do. That is most likely.


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KARACHI situation is very uninamous desire of
PPP Jiye Sindh Corrupt Wardi PTI PMLN JI and above all their corrupt father at
Aab Para
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