"We will not pay a single penny," says Muhammad Zubair


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jis ke apni nalayaq olad Guarantee deny ko tyar nhe, us hramzady k liye ye Loon Leak k bhervy pagal ho rhy hy


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No one is asking for payment. They just have to pledge the amount and its only payable IF Nawaz doesn't return after he is fully recovered.

I see Zubair is, as usual, dealing in half truths


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جب بھی یہ کالو بدصورتا زبیر ٹی وی یا کہیں اور نظرآ تا ہے وہی سوال آتا ہے کہ یہ بدصورتا زبیر کیوں اپنے مبینہ بہن بھائیوں اور مبینہ باپ عمر سے مختلف کیوں ہے اسکے مبینہ بہن بھائی خوبصورت بھی ہیں اور اس سے بالکل مختلف اور شکل کے اور مبینہ باپ بھی ، لیکن یہ بدصورتا کالو زبیر مکروہ غلیظ اور بدصورت کیوں ہے اور اسکی شکل اپنے مبینہ باپ عمر اور مبینہ بہن بھائیوں سےکیوں نہیں ملتی اور یہ کوئی مصلی کیوں لگتا ہے اس مکروہ ناپاک اور غلیظ شکل والے بدصورتے زبیر کا ڈی این اے کرا کے اس راز سے پردہ ہٹانا ہوگا


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This Zubair is the ugliest Pakistani I have seen in my entire life.

Rat bastard. Nawaz is a thief... He will pay via his enormous fat ass. Mother effer u have the balls to show ur ugly puss on tv? Duck chore tay ree maa key Gandowah. Chup.


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NS ke maa jo highest level ke Chooorail hai, Model Town k log khaa kr ab appnai bachay bachana chahati hai......enn ke sare family ko jail mai dalain....khoooty k bachay


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people don't understand this and including tooi wal poojari. Mian came into power to make money of Pakistan and it did that. Just because the rest cant doesn't mean they should be jealous.

Mian's ghaleez generations will enjoy what mian robbed for them. Just be grateful that you are earning a halal living! No matter how small it is.


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This is the only country Pakistan where all media anchors are more worried about a convicted person than their own dear ones.
This Zubair is a pimp, nothing else. He has no good answer to any questions you ask. He behaves like a genuine pimp.


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The fact that they are not ready to pledge the bond means NS is intending to run away. If he was going to come back then a bond is obviously returnable.


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There is no doubt Nawaz will not come back.Did Ishaq Dollar Come back?.The government is right to ask for a surety bond.Nawaz is obliged to come back after he recovers from his illness.What if he doesn't come back?.Some sort of guarantee or surety bond is needed.


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bol to aise raha hai madarchod jaise apni mehnat ke paise hain, bahen ke loday madarchod nawaj dallay maa ke loday bhadway ne ghareeb Pakistanion ka khoon choos choos kar lootay hain, madarchod teri aur teree baap ki gand main danda dal kar nikalwain ge, tu fikr nahi kar, phir tu tera baap bhi dega, madarchod bhadwa maa ka loda kutta, madarchod
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