We can't condemn Pakistan when we don’t have the evidence before us - Saudi FM tells Indian Journalist


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While India blatantly levied blame on Pakistan for the Pulwama Attack, the rest of the world is not buying the hate campaign. After China, Saudi Arabia has also said India to produce evidence first and prove Pakistan's involvement.

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Full marks to Khan and Bajwa for this diplomatic success, India forces forigen leaders to say something bad against Pakistan, but Saudis plainly refused to say even a word.

Thankyou Khan, Thank you Prince MBS,


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Between that same foreign minister "categorically" denied the killing of kashogi as they didn't have "sound" evidence with them. Matter of fact is it was same KSA who during tenure of PML N (either nawaz shareef or khaqan abbassi) voted to be named pakistan in grey listing of FATF.
We are in best position to use current situation in our favour as maximum as we can. Whatever, bone grabbers on this forum or social media keep crying at, we still have to accept the back channel "diplomacy" by raheel sharif, bajwa doctrine, Imran Khan & FM qureshi!!!!


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America gave hulka pulka response saying Pak and India should work together
Saudi Arabia said India to calm down and said where is the proof? IK said where is the proof? And said we are not afraid of you
China told India to shut up and show proof

For the sane world, life will move on
For crazy Indians, they will just scream and cry and pretend they are in a bollywood fantasy film
for the smart indians, they will just keep quiet as questioning anything in India can lead to ruin of career and future

in the long run, India is just shooting itself in the foot with these policies and ppl of India will only suffer in long run. I hope Modi wins election again and cripples India and keeps them busy with fake war mongering


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It shows Pakistan level is going high around the world under the leadership of our junior Quaid Imran Khan.


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Bravo Saudis. Slap in the face of Indians. He perhaps just said, we are doing husiness here and thats it. Now Fuck off you dirty indians
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