We are ready to give PTI govt 5 years but people won't - Maryam Nawaz

Sonya Khan

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Imran will do any thing to please Modi and Trump.He is destroying Pakistan on behalf of international agenda,rid of Hafiz Saeed,taliban and neuclear program.
But then you should be happy indian .... but why are you not happy with IK ????


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This statement of her's is opposite of what she thinks in heart and had been trying to do.
People of Pakistan are ready to face difficulties but let Imran Khan bring Pakistan back to the development track, that means PML"N" and PPP facing charges of corruption and that she do not want.


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Punjabis are with Nawaz Sharif, himmaat hy tu local elections kerwalo pata chal jaiey ga Imran Fraudiya ko
Please stop calling yourself URDU speaking and spew racism, what ever you are trying to do in Pakistan among Pakistanis , you will not succeed Inshallah, majority of Pakistanis are proud of their province , language and culture without disrespecting any other Pakistani.

Champion 01

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Aey GASHTI, Amritsari Jati Umra kay mashoor bharvay, Dallay Haraan walay ki tukham, tumhari auqat kia hey, tum PMLN mein sirf Qatriyoon ko hush kernay ki machine ho, tum ab nangi ho ker bhi nacho, tumhara waqt khatam ho gaya hey, so STFU


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لگتا ہے پٹواری شیطان کا ، ذلیل وخوار ہونے کا ریکارڈ توڑنے والےہیں ! اللہ ﷻ انہیں روزانہ ذلیل خوارکرکے دھتکارتا ہے ، یے ہر روز ایک نیا گورکھ کالا توا منہ پے ملوانے کیلیئے آ جاتے ہیں ، اور ذلیل ہو


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HAHAHAHAHA this moron has the guts to say all that crap. But its even more stupid when people try to justify her acts. Those are the real idiots.
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