Uzair Baloch completely EXPOSED Zardari & Sindh Government


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This might be news for some put anyone who knows whats been going on in Karachi is fully aware what PPP and MQM have been doing ... and this is not even half the story ....
Those who have exposed this JIT where witnessing these crimes being perpetrated quietly ...
which begs the question what is it they want to achieve now, by bring the focus to the past ?


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lo ji agyee wadey moun wargee ISPR ki chamya, Siddique ki jaan and make up ki dukkan Malshiya Hashmani 😗
جب تمہاری چیخیں نکلتی ہیں تو یقین آ جاتا ہے یہ وڈے منہ والی تمہاری چھترول بھی وڈے چھتر 👢کے ساتھ کرتی ہے تمہاری جان تو ویسے ہی صدیق جان نکال چکا ہوتا ہے


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In Pakistan I don’t know why they bring 10 years old issue in lime light now ? Why Uzair Baluch and all perpetrators still alive ?
I have written so many times that PPP, MQM and PMLN all are same, no big difference. Noon is Lahore’s MQM.


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Zardari n Uzair Both are Happy now.
GHQ handed over Uzair back to Zardari along with Quashing all corruption cases against PPP an agreement before Extension bill passed in Assembly.
Now Karachi will control from Karachi Jail, Very many Urdu Speaking PTI so called leaders likely to be killed by Uzair n Qadir Patel.
Rest Parchi Scheme will restore.
Overall winners are Bajwa Zardari and Uzair.
PTI lost very badly as in other issues.
Abb Sindh Aur Karachi mein Zardari n Uzair Ka Raj Ho Gaa.
As far Rangers interest is there 3 months extension to send TV Fridge to Chaks of Punjab.


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ذلیل داری ڈاکو ، ڈاکو پھو لن دیوی تالپور والی ،بلو کھسری ،مردار شاہ ، شرجیل میمن ، اور قادر پٹیل کو روڈ پر ننگا کر کے ذلیل خوار کر دیا


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jab tak PPP, MQM aur PMLN ke leaders ko jail maen nahi dalogay ese hi rotay rahogay.... Mark my words these all parties are traitors..
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