US Introduces Bill against Pakistan due to JF-17 Thunder series


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I think this is a move by Indian Lobby to prevent Biden from resuming aide to Pakistan that was suspended by Trump. On one hand USA government is asking for Pakistani help in making a deal with Taliban. On the other hand this bill gets introduced by Indian lobby in USA. Based on the priorities of the USA government, I do not think this bill will pass. Also please avoid sharing news from these Indian propaganda sites.


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This is purely Indian action pointing US administration to do it.
Jf-17s have taken a slight market of aircraft fighter industry and this will continue. Pakistan should not be deterred by this, America will realize sooner or later that it's ally India is no game show in every aspects, America will not fight India's backyard war in future.

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Citizen X

Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Now Pakistan should do two Things: Afghan peace deal LAN tai wajjay .. humiliate every single bastards in afghanistan
Exactly. Unfortunately our Prime Minister has a soft corner for Afghanistan. If it were up to me I would seal the border with Afghanistan. Then we will see how NATO and its father likes it when it has to airlift everything in and out of that shithole. We did it in the past and within no time NATO started to shit in its underwear.
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