Three passengers suffer a heart attack on PIA flight, woman dies

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KARACHI: At least three passengers including women suffered a heart attack during a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight here on Sunday, ARY News reported.

According to details, three passengers were traveling to Islamabad from Jeddah by a PIA flight PK/742 when the three suffered a heart attack.

One of them, identified as Mahala, died on the spot while the others were shifted to a hospital by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

As the passengers complained of chest pain, the pilot contacted the control tower at Karachi airport and sought to make an emergency landing which was allowed by the air traffic controller.

As the plane touched down on the airport, a doctor’s team and ambulance of the Civil Aviation Authority reached Karachi airport and shifted the other two passengers to the hospital.

Earlier on November 7, Pakistan-origin, British national died of a heart attack during a flight while travelling to Sialkot from London.

According to airport officials, Khalid Pervez was traveling to Sialkot from London by a PIA flight PK/778 on Wednesday when he suffered a massive heart attack and died on the spot.

Later, the airport officials handed over the body to his grieved family after necessary formalities.

Jehlum was the native city of the deceased.

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So you are trying to say that the present management is stealing 'oxygen' from the planes. Many people can have 'heart-attack at the same time and they may not be necessarily on a PIA plane.Journalism has sunk to a new low level. Now the farts of the rulers becomes 'breaking news'


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It must be investigated.

Maybe there's something wrong with the oxygen level or some poisonous gas being in air.


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It is unusual for three people to have heart attacks at the same time in the same flight. However this doesn't appear to have anything to do with the airline.


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Name would have been enough and we would have believed that three people indeed had a heart attack . Showing someone's passport is a clear violation of privacy.


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Very conspiracy theory. Will soon become breaking news.
It isn't a conspiracy theory.

Three people just don't suffer a heart attack.

Airplanes are a confined space and humans have a narrow requirement of gases or they get fucked up.

I am also aware of the shithole that Pakistan is and how little value do Pakistanis have for human life so it wouldn't be surprising if some cunt in airplane laughed about some serious matter and said nothing bad is going to happen.
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