This is why every male driver should respect women

Sohail Shuja

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Logic , if a woman can drive it then anyone can drive it. Lol.
Converse Logic : Never trust your woman with the car keys

I respect women in everything in the world,
You have to, otherwise you do not have a life my bro.

but if something strange happening on the road and you peek in...... it’s a woman.
Yes, in men's case, everyone is rushing to the hospital or the police station. As per the statistics, women drivers are less likely to cause fatal accidents.

Sohail Shuja

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
It’s because men are trying avoid the women on the road, lol
In some cases, they are rather trying to get their attention or can't get their attention off from them.... billboards with attractive women depiction are classed as one major distraction causing accidents ...lols.
I know, its not easy to be a man.... after all 😜
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