This is the first time COAS didn't ask for extension, but the government gave itself - Arif Nizami


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It's doesn't matter Bajwa asked or not.. current situation demands to keep COAS like Bajwa..He is brave.. intelligent soldier..He needs to finish pending works against terrorists...and local Mafias...and now deal with Cha..dis Indian Army..
pahle wale brave nahi the ?


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Can you feel the pain in his voice. harami Nizami now is sure that all the mafia chieftains including peddlers of influence in the media are going to get a stiff one up their bottoms. The days of free lunches are over.


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لفافہ خوروں کو بہت تکلیف ہو رہی ھے یہ لوگ بہت جلد اپنے کرپٹ آقاؤں کے غم میں پاگل یا اس دنیا سے رخصت ہو جائیں گے


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Imran khan did compromise .agar iski interview sun Lee jaye jo javid choudhury ko dee thi oos mein khud explain kar raha hae ke extension q nahie mini chahie oor mera khyal hae ke hamare fouj mein ek se bar kar ek ache lead karne wale hein .he was against kiyani extension.....
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