They have destroyed Nawaz Sharif, The video they presented in Press Conference is doctored - Aitzaz Ahsan


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Nawaz dakoo has been in politics for more than forty years.Why doesn't he call it a day and quit politics?.


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Hey zero IQ patwari.... using brain on e in a while wouldn't hurt. Do you see the clips they are playing that is showing the guy Mian Tariq they caught 2 or 3 days ago so how can this video be that old or a week before the judge's affidavit? Sharif family is now history. The only question is if they would take the plea deal and return the looted wealth or try to save the precious looted wealth and la fish in jail for a long time.

This 1 week old clip before ARSHAD Malik’s affidavit

Title is mis leading admin it’s fake news


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The courts have given too much relief to this Dakoo Family and this is the end result. Now SC should end this matter and send this family to Jail for a long time.


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aap tau seedha seedha ungli ker rahey hein tyrian ko..........hehehehe

Mr. Hindu, yeh kal ka program hai....You are not following Pakistani programs properly...😃Agar tu aa hee gya hai iss forum per to theek tarah se gaand mara le...ab Donald Trump ka saala mut bun...FAKE NEWS...😃


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ہماری اسٹیبلشمنٹ نے بجا طور پر اپنے کپتان اعوان صاحب کا خانہ خراب ہوتے دیکھ کر بھانپ لیا کہ یہ نانی جس پر مسلط ہو جاتی ہے اسے برباد کر دیتی ہے۔۔۔ لہذا انہوں نے اسکو ملک پر مسلط ہونے سے بچاتے ہوئے شریف خاندان اور پارٹی پر مسلط کروا دیا، اب پہلے ہم نے شریف خاندان کو برباد ہوتے دیکھا اور اب ن لیگ کو برباد ہوتے بھی دیکھ لیا


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Iss ne tu khandan sameet apni pore party ko hee barbad ker dia hee... ghar se bhagi hoi aurat se yahee tawaqo kee ja saktee hee
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