There is a war going on between PM Imran and bureaucracy because he is adamant to change corrupt system - Anchor Imran Khan


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Corrupt beaurucrates are in painic since IK in Power..They feels insecure for thiers future..past har..ram zadagain..hidden wealth.. properties..wrong doing..They wishing day and night and telling each other that this Gov can't stay more than one year....I really enjoying when I listened them...

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Simple solution is since you can't fire them all, Transfer everyone from Sindh to Punjab, And everyone from Balouchistan to KPK and vice versa.

Takes these leeches out of their comfort zones and all the "khanchas" they have setup and make them start fresh in a new province and place.


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Massive reshuffles or firings are due. Let them fight their cases in the courts for the next 10 years.


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I will keep saying it again and again, all those jamadar civil servant who thrive in the baitul-khala of raiwind and billo rani houses need to be sacked. They are sabotaging the state which should be tried under article 6.
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