The US says, incident in Beirut was an attack, Israel offers help


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عراقی صحراؤں میں چھپے مہلک ھتیار ڈھونڈ نکالنے والے دھماکے کرنے والوں کا سراغ نکال لیں گے


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Horrible event. Similar to blast in Texas City, Texas, decades ago.

Look, who wants to help... Israel...
...Israel is in advanced discussions to transfer medical equipment to Lebanon after yesterday’s deadly blast at the Beirut port, the Kan public broadcaster reports.

Contacts are being moderated by the UN, according to Kan, which quotes an unnamed UNIFIL source saying Lebanon’s government received Israel’s offer of aid, but has yet to officially respond.


Netanyahu on offering aid to Lebanon: We distinguish between regime and people
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