The Sindh card backfires

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The Sindh Card Backfires

Dr. Jassim Taqui

In a surprise move, the former Interior Minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza, a staunch Sindhi nationalists, accused the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik of being "hand in glove with terrorists". He called Malik a "compulsive liar," and "harmful" for Pakistan. Rehman Malik is considered the confidant of President Asif Ali Zaradri who has consistently threatened to use the "Sindh Card," if his adversaries attempted to bring down his ruling regime.
Mirza called MQM Chief Altaf Hussain a "killer" and his party a terrorist organization. He also disclosed under oath of Holy Quran, that Altaf Hussain told him that the United States wanted to break up Pakistan and that MQM worked with them to achieve the agenda of the disintegration.
Confronting the powerful MQM, Mirza held it responsible for kidnapping, extortion and violence that has killed more than 400 people since July.
Speaking with extra-ordinary confidence, Mirza disclosed that he possessed evidence about the conspiracy of breaking up Pakistan, which he would submit to the Supreme Court and the army chief.

In yet another surprising move, Mirza announced he was resigning from his Cabinet position as a member of the Sindh provincial assembly. Thus, Mirza had publicly voiced his no-trust move against the PPP-led coalition provincial government, which cooperated with MQM for over three and a half year. He also gave details of hired assassins and said the reason why violence was not ending in Karachi was that the MQM and the provincial government protected the hired assassins.

Analysis and forecast:

Mirza is challenging the incumbent PPP leadership in Sindh especially President Asif Ali Zardari. Suddenly Karachi is witnessing a Sindhi versus Sindhi Syndrome. In effect, Mirza is challenging the so-called Sindh Card. Most probably, he is aspiring to hijack the PPP or to split it with the help of Sindhi like-minded and the minority Pashtun , who have been the victims of MQM and PPP. If he succeeded in winning some MPAs belonging to PPP and ANP, the Sindh's provincial government would fall.[HI] If he produced to the army-linked Supreme Court of Pakistan evidences of involvement of PPP and MQM in killing hundreds of innocent civilians, the Supreme court might unseat Zardari, MQM-nominated Governor of Sindh Ishrat Ul Ebad and Chief Minister Sayed Qaim Ali Shah. This means that the Supreme Court would nominate an interim President until a new President is elected by the Electoral College (National Assembly, Senate and the four provincial assemblies of Punjab KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan). Similarly, the Supreme court of Pakistan would nominate an interim Governor who would declare Governor Rule in Sindh for a minimum period of six months. During this period, the Supreme Court of Pakistan would authorize the army to conduct cleanup operation or would leave that decision to the interim Governor. In such scenario, Sindh would be highly unstable but the Sindh Card would be ended.[/HI]


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Good analysis but looks like your own personal wish. This Government is not going any where because of NRO (this government came as a result of NRO). US and Saudi Arabia both are witness and conductors to this. This Government has to complete 5 years as agreed in NRO. This fact is known to every one including all opposition leaders including Nawaz Shareef. They cannot go against this Government including army. Pakistan is trapped fully. God Bless Pakistan. Every one knows that Zulfiqar Mirza is 100% right. Pakistan now can only be saved by its people.
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Minister (2k+ posts)
Sindh Card strain logic ? The pakistan issue was settled after the division. If somebody again talk such
things what we call them ? Traitors and our courts should decide their future ? Our people are found of
making states within a state, which is very very shameful and dishonesty with Pakistan.
In Karachi a muslim kills muslim or any person according to the news. Is he any more muslim or human ?

They must go for their blood test and Allahs curse (*****) on those in this world as well as on the day
of judgeent (Youm-al-Kiama) including our enemies who are killing innocent people.
May Allah protect Pakistan and its people, Ameen.
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