Talal Chaudhry apologizes for making inappropriate comments about Firdous Ashiq Awan


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If you mean the tweet, that was anything but an apology. This noon scum knows not how to respect anyone, much less women. Their history, their language (sanaullah, Javed latif, danial aziz, dhamal himself, so on and so forth), their chauvinistic practises (Marvi memon anyone) are dark reminders. Frankly, Mayhem never saw the light of the day before her cosmetic procedures. That's where they hold women's level.

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DALLA Ch. Faisalabad ki heera mandi ka mashoor PIMP, jis ka kaam hey Shahbaz aur Humza plus PMLN kay baray Leaders ko maal supply kerna, Qatriyoon ka protocol kerna, TILORE provide kerna...
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