Tahir-ul-Qadri is EQUALLY responsible for Model Town massacre - Nawaz Sharif's statement before JIT


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Yeap, it is Qadris fault. No doubt. He should have lined up all his supporters so the Police can shoot them all.
What a moronic criminal this Nawaz Butt is.


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Nawaz Sharif Butt sahih kehta hai Tahir Qadri to iskay ilawa Nawaz Sharif Butt ke ghrr honay walay tamam bachon ki pedaish kaa zimma daar bhi hai


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It removed all doubts in my mind about him and I realized what a moronic scumbag this man is when he said "O Zardari tum akalay ko mulk lootnay ka haq kis nay diya". That's the attention span of this feeble minded leader of the donkey eating folks.
A feeble mind, zero calibre, liquid values. Those, coupled with a truck load of 'Takabbur'
beyond help


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میاں سانپ سے جو سوالات کیے گئے ان کی نوعیت سے ہی پتہ چل جاتا ہے کہ سب کچھ سوچی سمجھی سازش کے تحت کرواوایا گیا۔یہ آل شریف اور زرداری دونوں حرامخور ڈکیت اور غدار، اس ملک و قوم کے سب سے بڑے مجرم ہیں۔
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