Switzerland can't compete with Pakistan's Northern areas | PM Imran Khan on the tourism potential


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BAATEIN CRORON KI DUKAAN PAKORON KI. Northern areas are twice the size of switzerland. Not a SINGLE RAILWAY line exists in entire northern areas despite being TWICE the size. I was in Switzerland last week. I rented a car in Zurich and returned the car in Lausanne. No security deposit ....no driver to watch over you. All you need is a credit card. All streets are spotless and clean. There are DOZENS of ski slopes to choose from. How many ski slopes has this MORON made in northern areas? 1 Malam jabba slope with 1 kilometer slope which is over before you know it. The other slope is run by Air force and not open to public. So this Moron wants tourists to come to Northern areas with no International flight landing in Gilgit or Skardu. He wants tourists to compromise on their privacy and have a driver accompany them on a rent a car. he wants them to ski on a 1 km ski slope? This fraeking moron got it backwards. Northern Areas CANT compete with Switzerland. Baatein croron ki ....Dukaan pakoron ki....


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Thats true and 100% correct.

you ever been to Switzerland brother????

northern areas cant compete with the swizz alps, grindelwald and lauterbrunnen would piss on the northern areas, with its beautiful tarmac roads and litter-free roads and its beautiful wooden houses and the waterfalls..

keep dreamin this is what Pakistanis are good for and nothing else,


No Doubt Pakistan has a Beautiful place esp Northern Areas for tourists. But we have to upgrade roads and tracks of these areas for Tourism.
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