Suleman Shahbaz failed to answer how he made 99% of his assets through remittances only


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The guy is being humiliated on Geo, maybe this is revenge on the Shabaz family by Nawaz family as Geo is Def in the NS camp. This is a car crash from the progeny of the crook. If NAB can't get a conviction on this than all of the prosecutors need to be hanged


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I don't know how you define Good but I'd say that Shahnzeb is definitely witty and has great presence of mind!
My definition of good is one who asks open questions and not the typical anchor type, "kiya honay ja raha hay?" ya "falaan nay yeh kaha apka kiya khayal hay".... Shahzeb, irrespective of whom he asks, beyond any political party, asks always direct, open and serious questions which matter and not the usual Add Muhammad Malik in the list too... this is my opinion though, anyone can differ with his/her own logic...


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What a khabees retard mf that bastard is.........
Not a single answer given by that fraud...
Shame on this naehal family and their jahil supporters.


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Justice ( vomit fraud Javed Iqbal ) of NAB personally canceling warrants for female MONEY launder filth of Showbaz syphilis Shareef while model town killings of 14 and injured are still waiting for justice?

Time to burn justice buildings in LHC.

Comment s.


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نیب کی جج کی کیا مجال ہے مجھے ہاتھ بھی لگائے
آصف علی زرداری

ہم نے پاکستان کو خون دیا ہے اقتدار کے لیے۔ ہم پاکستان کے غلام نہیں ایران کے وفادار ہیں۔

پاکستانی اپنی بکواس کو بند رکھیں تو اچھا ہے۔


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Jiss dinn khosay aur supreme court ke judges ki family ki hamla aurton aur bachon ko bhi koi qatil bedardi saay golian maray gaa aur ussi trah zulm hogaa jaisa Model ki families prr huwa phirr In logon ko ahsaas hogaa keh Zalim ko saza naa daay krr zulm kaa saath daina aur taqwarr zalim ko apni khamoshi say faidaa pohanchanay kaa nateeja kia hotaa hai Allah hrr uss Judge ki family ke sath uskay bachon poton nawason ke saath bhi wohi kraay jo bhi judge iss zulm prr insaaf krr saktaa hai woh insaaf naa kraay yaa Zalim kaa saath apni khamoshi ki soortt mai kraay Qatilon ko InshaAllah saza milay gi hi mgrr yeh Judge Jo insaaf ke naam prr Judge bnay aur apnay conduct khamoshi yaa action naa laay krr zalim kaa saath daay rahay hain InshaAllah inki bhi tamam Families ke saath wohi hogaa jo Model ke shaheedon ke saath huwa , InshaAllah
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