Sugar Done What about Auto Mafia?200% inflated prices having half features?


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We need to take care of Auto Industry Mafia as well. Just compare the CAR prices in India and Pakistan and there features. Local manufacturers are selling us comparatively insecure vehicles on 200% inflated prices...

Govt. should create a competitive environment for auto industries as well, so an average family can afford a normal car. it will help to normalize load on local transport as well.
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Auto and oil maafia r biggest in Pakistan. They bribe govt and then settle things. This time auto should be kicked out. Y in middle East u can have every car so cheap. They have workshops for all brands. No factories, same amount of jobs in workshop what in Pakistan they declare in car factories. Time to bring change in policy. Open policy but imported car or local made. User should be free. With competition they will give u quality n good price


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Please speak about it ... coz I am following this issue ... before election asad umer was that he will take action... and as soon as he becomes finance minister he again favored auto industry ... believe me this high car price is the biggest based of corruption...

Request is to please follow up on this time to time may be we got ears ...
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