Sindh is the most corrupt province, even one ruppee has not been spent on people - Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarks


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Baba Jee iss Bayan ka koyi Faedah Nahi. Rashee Wadera Corrupt Faujis Gathjor ka Koyi Kuch Nahi Bigar Sakta.
Last you mentioned that a citizen Looted with 90 lacs kiya hua


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On last statement they were laughing in Malir Cantt n Sind Secretariat.
After retirement you will be arrested as RAW agent


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Saqib Nisar tried to resolve Karachi water issue.
When Murad shah Guraya said I will not solve
Saqib Nisar Bilbilney Laga
Murad Shah said we n Rangers are stealing Karachi water and selling you want we should Axed our own Dhanda.
Shah Saheb
Ham tu Aapki Madad karna Chattey the
Challain Aap ki Marzi.
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well... that's the thing we have been feeding that Sindh is most corrupt corrupt and other province of Pakistan in competition with Malaysia and Singapore 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫


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Hadh hay,
Andhay ho gayay hain judge sahab.. Dubai main kharii itni buildings nahin nazar ateen in ko? London kay luxury flats .. 50 baray makanon per mushtamil Karachi main samunder kay pass prime location per Deewar-e-Berlin say ornchi deewaron main Bilawal House complex nahi nazar ata ? Itna to paisay lagaya hay Sindh govt nay awam kay liay. Or kia keray ?


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We all know this , it is nothing new information.
After all this information that you come to know now (so late) Mr. Justice nation wants to know what steps you have taken to eradicate this corruption, do you have balls to get the real culprits arrested, do you have balls to provide justice to the nation.....if not at least have balls to accept that you are one of the same corrupt people and resign please.

chacha jani

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‏آواز زنانہ-چہرہ مردانہ-چال چلن کُھسرانہ-سوچ بچگانہ-اندازشاہانہ-حلقہ لاڑکانہ-بتاو بتاو کون ہےوہ ?
😂 😂
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