Sialkot cantonement rejects PTI! PMLN wins majority.

Wake up Pak

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Big News from Quetta! PTI wins 3/5 Seats in Quetta Cantonment Board Elections: PTI 3 Independent 2 Others 0

Wake up Pak

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Lahore cantonment PMLN 6 PTI 3
1 seat PTI lost in the first recount which will be decided tomorrow.


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Abb dhaandlee ka shore machay gaa or ECP key sittee gum honay valee hai!!

If ECP does not prepare for the EVM voting in time then elections should be delayed due to their incompetency and PTI can stay in power until ECP can becom competent to work out a simple plan!


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These were baldiati intakhabat of sialkot cantonement , out of 5 seats 3 won by PMLN , 1 by PTI and one result is yet to come.

Sitting MPA Chaudhry Mohammad Ikhlaqs Bhateeja Adnan akbar lost too.
Get ready for bao jee to come back on the huge wave of support

Awan S

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Pti won 30%, are 70% opposing going to contest election jointly in next election?
No, they may not but those 70% won in a competition. Remember opposition contested this election individually and they were against each other too. In general election there is a strong chance that there will be seat adjustments on some seats within current opposition.
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