She bought iPhone From Amazon, look what she was delivered!


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scams on internet are growing with time. its a best way that when you buy something on the internet make a video of its packing and opening of the package just in case if you are scammed you have a prof. if she didnt have the video prof the seller would not not admit it at the first place and would have claimed that they sent the real phone.


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I have never seen any Amazon Prime delivery in a plastic bag. It always comes in cardboard box. Is that Indian Amazon?



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اس آئی فون کی اوپنگ سے پاکستانی سیاستدانوں کی کسی بھی قسم کی مماثلت محض اتفاقیہ ہے

منجانب انتظامیہ



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وڈیو دیکھتے ہوے
پر جب پہنچے تو اپنے دھیان کو اِدھر اُدھر بھٹکنے نہ دیں , ورنہ اپ لوڈر کی محنت ضائع جائے گی



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Kisi local Indian seller ny Amazon ko kharab karny k leye yeh scam video banai hogi. Otherwise, it will never happen with Amazon. No seller who is earning good on Amazon will ever do this when he knew that my feedback is important.
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