Saudi Prince is not here to give us loan, We are signing MOUs and compromising our relations with Iran - Nabil Gabol


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Iran has already aliances with INdia
Iran is in deep sh!t with Syria & Isreal conflict directly affecting its alliance with India
Iran needs to change its shia-ism into sunni Islam to be recognized as Mulsim 1st, wtf !!!
We are not Arabs 2nd.


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This fat slug should be arrested for giving it a sectarian angle. Why we should care about Iran and others?
There is a famous saying in war movie
"IF you are not with me than you are my enemy" !!!
this should go for any nation for concerning ties with Pakistan.


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Knowing Imran Khan's ever increasing respect around the world, any clever Pakistani politician would have made a favourable comment about IK. Alas, we do not have clever politicians.


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Pakistan home grown enemies hi itnay hain kay bahir walon ko kuch kerney ki zaroorat hi nahin. This Fart has to be blocked........


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PK has to act in the best interests of PK, and at this point we need Saudi. We also need good relationship with Iran but that's in the long term


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Why Pakistan should care about Iran?

Iran was sending raw terrorists in Pakistan. Iran had provided Iranian Passport to gang war lord Uzair Baloch. Pakistan have to break the axix of evil between Iran and endia


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Does this fat blob not know that Iran is in an alliance with India to build Chahbahar port
and guess who is harbouring people like Kulbhosan Yadav?


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Can you smell smoke, answer is yes smoke is coming from oppositions butt hole....
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