Restaurant owners making fun of manager for his inability to speak English


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
these type of people are very common. they are actually villagers but live in cities like lahore, isb etc.
Bai Aap ne sahi bola..this is the true face of our society now..though the people here r angry on them, but V R Misfit now n the whole system needs to b structural engineering which is not possible..


Councller (250+ posts)
if you stop them from selling dabal rooti, bun kebab, and chai then they will become pimps. what is better for society?
Ok then we will stand up and stop them from becoming pimps ...... in beghairton ka Pakistan mein jeena mushkil ker dena chahiye ..... inhon nay aur in jesay ameeron ney jeena mushkil kiya hua ......
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