Raza Rumi is quite concerned about the health of Nawaz Sharif...


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Ganja is so stupid he does not know his elbow from his a***. .Probably a bad case of 'piles' Just ask Dadoo Charger to oil the 'Nasha'-emitting bottom. Ganja will get relief and Dadoo Charger will also get a 'high' which she is missing from many days. Raza Rumi should try to educate Ganja and if possible show him the difference between the two


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What about hundreds of thousands other criminals in jails across the country? Many of them are sick as well and haven't done crime as big as NS. Is this man concerned about their health as well? And what if a criminal falls sick then should he be let go?
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Raza Rumi ka Dal dallia..Shareef ur Zardari mafia ke sar par chalta ha..Is ka worry hona banta ha..Mulk ko lutnay walo..Traitors ke marnay ya bemar honey se Mujhay kabhi ham dardi nahi rahi..kiyo ke in logo ne hazaro masoomo ko sarko par marnay ke Lia chora tha..I don't have any sampathy for them...


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kayani was a bad apple,100% is impossible, there would always be good and bad people in army and more bad in civil
Main sadqay jaon teri sadgeee tey.
5 lakh fouj vs 23 crore civilians.
Ratio tu check kar leta.
NLC ke generals
Pasha selling mother land to UAE arabs
DHA land scammers.
Raheel shareef selling mother land to Saudis.

Yeh haermi Generals mulk kha gaye
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