Rana Sanaullah wife talks to media

Citizen X

Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Why is media given time to thie pointless and irrelevant woman? And why do PM-LUN'ers always stick their woman out front when ever something like this happens. What happened to all the men of PM-LUN?

Kya sub ne chooriyan phene rakhi hain?


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Hahaha drame check karo punjab police aik moti andi adhe ghante k leye is pe chor do ye keh de mera rana sana se koi taluq ni


Senator (1k+ posts)
Ro mat Rana, abhi to party shuru hui hai.
You have to confess all your crimes including Kasur child abuse cases, model town killing case, drug smuggling case, killing in false police encounter in Punjab, so many cases.
Your Baaps Noora & Shahbaz are busy in saving their own skin.
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