Punjab government failed to reduce medicines prices


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Punjab Govt. ???? iss naam ki koi cheez exist nahi krti , bss aik tahayaat pasmanda gadha aur aik hrami jutt petrol pump wala Punjab ko chalaa rahay hai balkeh chalanay ke naam prr tabahi ki traff dhakail rahay hain


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
iss taa hayaat pasmandaa gadhay ki koi aik kamyabi ginwa do aur monh maanga inaam milay gaa yaa hayat pasmada gadha PTI ko Punjab mai PPP bnanay ke baad hi PTI saay farigh kiya jaigaa


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PTI govt needs to get it's act together, it has got the wrong people on the wrong posts. If this crap carries on it won't be long until PTI is kicked out of power.

People are really suffering with inflation and people are swearing at PTI govt, instead of us blaming the media and calling it propaganda we need to wake up and acknowledge PTI governence is weak.
Many anti status quo media anchors are saying the same.......

The only good thing worth mentioning of govt is there action against India and the way they dealt with India aggression. A part from that everything else seems below average too flop......
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