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Hamid Khan W

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PTI government so far succeeded in bringing much-needed change in depoliticizing police, bringing improvement in education, health and cleanliness. Corruption almost rooted out and patwari system reformed altogether whereas peace situation is quite better. so change is in the offing and if the government complete its tenure..........
Imran Khan and his team performing well but it need more time clean previous government dirt because it is not just like MAGIC OF ALLADIN but aleast they introduce new and educated people in PAKISTANI politics.

zia ur rahman

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Dear Admin,

Thanks for giving me chance to share my idea with you , regarding the PTI governance in KPK , it is the first time in the history of KPK we got good governance in KPK and we are fully satisfied from PTI and especially all the credit goes Capt: Imran khan great leader and I am sure if PTI completed his 5 years governance in KPK , it will be a good example for the all provinces governances in entire country.

Carry on PTI and I wish him best of luck.

Best regards

Zia Ur Rahman. Zia


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Good to know that PTI government is bringing a change in KPK.... but I would take Nisar's views (don't hate him but like other journalists he is as opportunist) with a pinch of salt. If the Azadi March goes haywire or there is violence, Nisar will be the first to criticise IK
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still we didn't seen any thing new but kpk people paying for electricity transformer to WAPDA and no one there to ask especially in swat you people can go and see that people paying for this to WAPDA. and thousend of people vistertrs to swat but you people can see the condition of swat to bad no from kpk govt ask NHA that why u doing wark too slow
KP CM ne to bare dawe kiye thy k hum Qoom ka jo paisa loota gia hy wo wapas Qoom ko edelain gey magr abe tak is selselae me asia koie Qadam nhi utaya giya .
me ap ko bata data hon Anp ke Zulfeqar bhttoo jo ke Pabbi no ke Nazem tey jistan pais lota hy shayee hi kise loota ho or main iftkhar husan ke damad or bhai ne jitna pais loota hy is ki mesal nhi melti or aj kal mail iftikhar hussan ke damad C&W me me or us ne ALHAJ ZAR ALI KHAN (MARKHOOM) ke Gar ke sat 1-60 i means aik karor or satth lak par zameen khareden hy kia itna bara lota howa maal PTI ko nazar nahi ata kia or to or Mail iftikhar husssan ke Banji ke husband ne jis ka name he Arif jo ke peshwar me Khalil town me rehty hen universty ka 20 karor ka apaisa gaban kia hy or afrid ke susr or sale un ke liye wakeel dhontty perty hn to Kia ye itna bara froud PTI ke CM ko nazar nhi ata socho or goor karo or Anp ke Fayaz jo ke district Nowshera me DEO ke sat jis ka naam hey Hasanat jo ke name ke DEO they sara do no jobs or bhrti Fayaz kia karta ta or 3-4 lak rupe lekar logon ko bharti kia karata unPTI walon ne kia ki kuch bi to nhi kia .
us ke bad sarwa jo ke Nowshera me DEO office me ta do no jobs or education ka paisa hazam kia to kisi ne un ka kia kia PTI walon ko ye sab froud nazar nhi ata kia ?
or Akhter jo ke zakat ke sadar they itna bara froud kia zakat ka sara pesa harap kar gia to PTI ne un ka kia kia ?kuch bhi nhi kia ?sab dawe hi dawe hy

District Nowshera ke sare teky mailn Tariq ko iftikhar ne diye hen or un sab tekon me openly duka or froud howa hy jis ka aik proof Chowki darb road hy ap kabe khud bhi jaie or chakr lagakar aien tab ap ko in sab haramion ka pata chale ga aj ke liye itna hi kafee hi

Note: KPK CM ke PS mail Tariq ka khas friend hy or maian Tariq ke jitne bhi do no ke file they CM ke PS Ataurrahman ne uk chupaya or un par cases kolwane band kar diye ye KPK ME PTI ka kerdar red ane watch PTI in KPK

Riffat Wani

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It was great effort by Great work done by your team. keep it up & people from all over the world are looking towards Imran khan because he is last hope of pakistan. Long live imran our prayers are with you.


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what to talk of kpk govrnment ,i want to tell the performance of imran khan in skh , in lahore .
during this ramzan , when i went to join the iftare dinner there was nothing on the tables for aftaree . I told those who were collecting the donation of the poor arrangements and bad governance .
i wrote my comments on the invitation cards where my name was printed and handed over to 'badshah salamat ' who was coming to attend the function.
the same thing i repeated to the phone caller who called me from skh .

Riaz Hussain

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i ve watched your show on the performance of KP govt. i appreciate your efforts. we people of KP are satisfied the governence of PTI. the govt is going to promote education. all the posts for vaccant jobs are on marrit.


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Has Imran Khan done something good in KPK

First something about me. I have been a great critic on Imran Khans polity. And it is a fact that he made many blunders during his last election compaign. Either his deputies were incapable of doing anything and just vouching on Imrans popularity or he himself tried to do each and everything. Election is a teamwork game. Many polling stations were found without PTI election agents. The agents deployed were not fully trained to offset the old tricks which was obvious to occur.

Before discussing his 14 Aug. Azadi March, it is useful to look critically what he has achieved in KPK during PTI 14 months tenure there. Before discrediting him about his failure in making drastic changes in KPK, it must be accepted that KPK was the worst hit province of Pakistan. The province was gripped under worst kind of terrorism. Lives and properties were not safe. Everything from trade to administration was topsy turvy there. So, it was like searching for diamonds from coal mines when PTI took over the affairs of KPK.

The salient features of PTI measurements can be summed up:

  • Mobile Police vans for spot on registering FIRs
  • Automation of land record such that province revenue be improved (still in progress)
  • Automation of vote casting in the coming local bodies election to eliminate fraudulent and fake votes
  • Police reforms (still in progress)
  • Education policy for which 50 crores pak rupees have been allocated (still in progress)
Now do not take it lightly the word (still in progress). Destruction takes minutes to occur but rebuilding the damaged structure takes years. I am not saying IK would meet success in all his efforts, but the main thing is he is trying. He will learn many things from errors and corrections. Like timber mafia is still there. Basic (primary) education is still on the back benches. Industries are nonexistence. So job opportunities is the biggest problem (that is why KPK youths are easily lured by terrorist activities and drug trafficking). To eliminate these maladies is a Himalayan task, but if IK cant do it, nobody else can. IK's main focus should be on agriculture, energy, water resources and tobacco crops.

About Azadi March, IK might continue as programmed, but he has won the purpose before Marchs take off. In that, Nawaz Sharif has agreed to send a request to Chief Justice Supreme Court to nominate three SC judges who will initiate a thorough inquiry in the alleged mass rigging in the last election and give their verdict. And that is what IK primarily wants.


Re: Has Imran Khan done something good in KPK

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