PTI minister Sibtain Niazi resigns from ministry after NAB arrest

Doctor sb

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نیب کا حکومتی وزیر پر ہاتھ ڈالنا اچھا، وزیر کا مستعفیٰ بہتر، وزیرسے اگر مال نکلوا گیا تو بہترین بات ہوگی


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Accountability needs to be stronger and stronger over the time. The Institutions need to be more independent as well.


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chutiye tou isko b support kr rhe hai jb arrest hoa tou phr minister kesy reh skta hai halat hai
References filed against Agha sirah Duranni but still clinging on to his seat like a leech....there should be no doubt that ppp nd pmln condone corruption...
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