Priority of State is to crush democratic civilian voices - Bilawal Zardari


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Bilawal is right. Civil Marshal-law lag chuka hai.

Can't believe this is the same Imran Khan we knew before elections. Becoming worst than Zia-ul-Haq.
Fake Bhutto is next. This crimnal has been enoying Ayyan Ali and the fake account money his ayashiss...he is seeing the end thus the hue and cry..


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FCUK YOUR "Democracy"!

Still remmeber your stupid notion on your corrupt mother's death that "Democracy is the best revenge"!

What a bloody non-starter it was.....!


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If u havent done corruption there is nothing to be worried about :)
Aur yeh log jinkay bachay aur bacho k bachay ghareeb awam k khoon pay ayashi kartay rahay hein INSHALLAH in sabko sakht azab ae ga :)
Aur jo jamhoriat ka rona rota hai us say b pocho k kya loot maar aur ek dosray ki corruption chupana jamhoriat hai? Kis kitaab mein likha hai k jamhoriat mein corruption k khilaf operation nahi ho sakta?


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Koi evidence bhi to dikhao yar. Bas bakbakbak.

metro, nandipower, coal plant, motorway. Kisi mein to evidence do.
Nawaz shareef jail mein chala gaya judge sub andhay thay jinho nay bhaij dia lol lekin aap mahaan hein sarkar apko koi evidence nazar he nahi ata.. meri london tou kya pakistan mein jaidad wali baji k peechay kharay ho k naray maro aap bhai


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Civilian authority crush ho naa ho Corrupt Hram khoron choron fradiyon Gushti zadon kaa Pichhwaara zaroor crush ho raha hai Billo ko Apnay Pichhwaray kaa koi special safe guard bnwana hogaa


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The priority of State is to crush democratic civilian voices - Bilawal Zardari

Hijra Billo Rani, stop lecturing from patwari written scripts. ,

If you can, first try to save your Singh people from AIDS.

Try to arrange water & food for the villagers.

Focus on unemployment, on the problem of inadequate access to education, on sanitation, health facilities, and the unhygienic environment in Sindh.

Thatta, Badin, Umerkot, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Dadu districts, Khairpur district all areas are suffering from increased poverty.

Hijra Billo, you don't have any importance in Pak politics like Granny Maryam Calibri Safdar who could not gather three thousand people for her last jalsa.

Your Father Mr. 10% arrested what happened? Noora in jail what happened? Pakistan came to a standstill?
The answer is a big No. Looters have no more public support.
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