Power Play - 21st April 2017 - Imran Khan Exclusive Interview

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امریکہ اور آرمی نے نواز سانپ شریف کو بچا لیا ہے ۔ پانامہ کیس سے پہلے امریکن ایڈوائزر خصوصی کا نواز سانپ شریف سے ملنا اور نواز سانپ شریف کا انتہائی خوش ہونا اور ان ایڈوائزر خصوصی کا جنرل باجوہ سے ملنا اور پھر کورٹ کا پانامہ کیس کا نتیجہ اعلان کرنے کی تاریخ دینا ۔ داغ میں کچھ کالا ہے اگرچہ تیسرے جج کا بھی نواز سانپ شریف کے تمام دلایل کو رد کرنا اور آخر میں کمیشن کی ڈیمانڈ کرنا کچھ نا کچھ تو جول ضرور ہوا ہے


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Every sensible person in Pakistan, including Imran Khan, should leave Pakistan. Pakistan is a failed state, only for the worst of the worst corrupt to enjoy and a total he11 hole for a poor man. I am now waiting for my family to migrate out of Pakistan after which I will never ever visit, think or indulge in any activities related to Pakistan. I officially divorce Pakistan and to be honest wouldn't even be on Siasat.pk posting this if my family had moved out. I will assist them in the migration and hope to never have to tell anyone that I once was part of this land of impure.

- Shame to Pakistan Supreme Court
- Shame to Pakistan Army (who are partners with Noora league and all other corrupt parties
- All Politicians - you are beyond shame

Imran Khan Sb, please leave Pakistan. You are wasting your life banging head with a bunch of losers

Bye all, I will not be posting any more comments and assure you that I will not be active on this forum. I will check once a while, in hopes that Allah SWT had meraciously changed Pakistan; though right now I think HE too don't want to part of this land!

PTI friends, don't waste your time in hopes Khan will win next year. He should have won in 2013 also; but this nizam won't allow

Ina-Lillah-Wa-Ina-Eli-Hir-Rajioun (Pakistan)


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Imran Khan we are with you, we will not leave, this is out country and we will take it back from the corrupt and then we will make it a super power! InshaAllah - there is no leader like Imran Khan in the whole world today. We understand him fully. Most of the time the explanations he give to media, we don't need it. He inspire us every day by leading with an example. We understand the situation is very frustrating but we will not give up and the movement will become stronger and stronger. IA



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عمران خان صاحب میں آپ کے حوصلے کی داد دیتی ہوں. آپ کو بھی پتہ ہم سب کو پتہ ہے یہ نون لیگ ایک مافیا ہے ان سے ٹکر لینا خان آپ کا ہی کام ہے . خان صاحب کچھ نہیں ہو گا پاکستان کی عوام کو کبھی سمجھ نہیں آ ے گی . ناجو مافیا گاڈ فادر سے بھی بڑا ہے .
بہت مشکل ہے ان کرپٹ لیگ کو نکالنا