Poll: The Role Of Judiciary & Media Facilitating The Economic & Moral Destruction Of Pakistan.


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What role did Pakistan Electronic Media and the judicial gangsters played in the economic & moral destruction of Pakistan?

What role did our so called JUDICIARY played and acted as facilitators of the MOST corrupt rule ever witnessed in human history in Pakistan?

What punishment should be rendered to these carrion birds of humanity?

Who made it possible? Was it locally manufactured crime against the State of Pakistan? Or Foreign?

Three branches of the government are to be blamed.

1. Judicial

2. Army

3. Politicians.

Express yourself with out fear from being censored by any one. Pakistani Patriots only.
No Endian trolls or PMLN criminals.

Jazak ALLAH Khair.
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Very simple......... Zardari Dakoo and Navaz Dakoo made a plan to loot the country without fear of any accountability. They did a pact to take turns in government. One term Zardari Dakoo will be in government and Navaz Dakoo's party will play a friendly opposition and next term , vice versa. This way they managed to make amendments in constitution to protect their own agenda of looting the country. Both looted Billions of dollars of public money. They used this money to buy Jury, Judiciary, Journalists, politicians, some generals and bureaucracy.

They could not imagine of Panama revealations and possibility of third force , that is , PTI.


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The biggest blame lies with the Judiciary. If the Judiciary is honest and determined no one can dare do any wrong. The successive Chief Justices turned a blind eye to corruption in the lower Judiciary and today we are seeing the results. Moreover the writ of the state is enforced by the power given to the judiciary. For instance the District and sessions judge has the power to summon any person employed by the state and question him on wrongdoings and has the power of ordering rectification in the district. Further the High court and Supreme Court have similar power in the provinces and the federal level. If Law is truly enforced in letter and spirit 90% of the problem will be solved. The biggest "IF"is selection of the judiciary. PML and PPP filled the judiciary with their capones who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to all the wrongdoings of their patrons. Rules of business of the various departments and ministries cannot be easily violated especially now that the media is freer than previously. The media cannot violate code of ethics and conduct with an honest judiciary. Western countries are a good example. The media there if found publishing wrong information is heavily penalised. A couple of respected media outlets from print and electronic were found on the wrong side of law and had to close down. History has shown that in the presence of an honest judiciary nations have progressed tremendously. It is really heart breaking and send sone into a depression to remind Muslims of the role of Judiciary in "Riasat-e-Madina' Muslims were not equal in power with the Iranian and Byzantine empires. It was equal justice for all that gave the Muslims a sense of belonging with the nascent state and willing sacrificed everything in that cause. Similarly if today every citizen is provided justice then he or she will have a stake in the survival of the state. Politicians will not be able to rob the country with impunity and hence the Armed forces will have no reason to intervene
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I don't have a car because I don't have a job. I don't have a job because I don't have a car. Everybody has been equally responsible for it.


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First you use filthy language about their role and then you ask our feedback.

Sounds like you are more interested in stirring up shit than having a reasonable discussion.
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