Police in Punjab told to blacklist officials involved in torture

Bilal Raza

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Regional police officers (RPOs) across Punjab have been directed to blacklist all those officials with proven history of inflicting torture on citizens or causing custodial deaths and not to assign them any field duty.

The incidents of police torture and deaths in police custody in recent days have sent shockwaves and anger among the citizens.

The incidents forced the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Arif Nawaz Khan to call a meeting recently with the RPOs and conveyed to them that his orders regarding media policy were not read carefully as junior officers were holding press conferences and sharing videos of police investigations with the media.

He also acknowledged that incidents of torture or deaths in police custody were a failure of the field command. He said formal and informal visits and inspections of police stations had been abandoned by district heads and there had not been a single meeting held by the central command in which zero tolerance on the incidents of torture and deaths in police custody was discussed.

He also expressed his dismay over ignoring his directives saying it was the task of the field commanders to implement the instructions, policies and directives given by the Central Police Office.

“District police officers have to come out of their luxury offices and watch what is happening in the police stations,” the IGP said.



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Apart from political inference, another big reason for the downfall and degradation of lower-ranked police officials is that their seniors (DPO, RPO, DIG) don't visit police stations. Instead of visiting police stations and meeting with common people to listen to their complains, these senior officers sit majority of the time in their luxurious offices and keep meeting bigwigs of their city or province.
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