Police constable from Peshawar gets Ph.D degree while being in service


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The recipe to achieve anything in life requires undying belief in yourself, faith, vision, hard work, and determination. When you have the passion and dedication towards your goal you are bound to make progress until you achieve it regardless of the difficulties you might face in your life.

A similar story comes to our attention of a very diligent Pakistani police constable in Peshawar, Tahir Khan Malik who completed his PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Peshawar despite facing financial difficulties. It took him 10 long difficult years to complete his PhD degree and made him the most educated police officer in the entire KPK police force.

During his interview, he revealed how his family was struggling financially but his desire to pursue better education made him complete it amid the harsh circumstances. He also told how during his job as a constable, not once did he buy shoes or clothes for himself. Although the position he holds is way below his qualification as a constable only requires Matriculation. The position doesn’t embarrass him and he gladly contributes to his duties to the best of his abilities.

Dr. Tahir completed his research from Shanghai Zeioteng University in China in Bioinformatics

If receiving a doctorate and being the most qualified police officer in the entire KPK wasn’t enough of great achievements, Mr. Tahir went ahead and completed his research from China. He also wrote a book titled Forensic Serology and drafted Standing Operating Procedure in serology for Forensic Science Laboratory. Tahir also made several contributions to Biology in the form of several research papers and stays in-line with the latest modern forensic research.

Tahir appeals to the police department to give him a better position where he can do some independent work

Education is pivotal for improving our country’s economy and community. As far as police officers are concerned, their education matters as much as any other since it not only open doors for them to have quality life but they can perform and serve the community better with the knowledge they bear. Better education will definitely help police officers to make learned decisions instead of resorting to force and violence; improving the management and problem-solving skills.

We hope constable Tahir Khan is promoted and given the acknowledgment he truly deserves. He is definitely an example to quote for younger generations that how determination, focus, hard work, and persistence will achieve you your goals no matter what circumstances you are in.



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Good, education is the only way to get Pakistan enlighten, spread education, always opposed by feudal so they can rule illiterate poor people of the country
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