PMLN worker gets hit by Shehbaz Sharif's car

Doctor sb

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کار بد انجام برا- خیر یہ تو جملہ معترضہ ہوا، گاڑی کے نیچے کارکن زخمی ہوا اور ان کی لوٹ مار کے نیچے پوری قوم لہولہان ہوئی- ایسی " عظیم " قوم ہے ابھی بھی گاڑی پر گل پاشی کر رہی ہے

Dr Adam

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فدوی تھریڈ کی ہیڈنگ جلدی میں یہ پڑھ گیا

شہباز شریف کی گاڑی کے نیچے آ کر مریم شدید زخمی

لیکن پاکستانیوں کی اتنی قسمت کہاں ؟؟؟

Sonya Khan

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One needs to see the video clips of karkun running in front of SS car like in pamplona when he arrived from London ..... Why do they do that??..... beats me every time .....🤨😐🥴


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To get one look at his leader, a foot is a small price to pay.
If the broken bones do not align well in healing he will limp all his life, The initial gloat of telling acquaintances will soon wear off and people will start to avoid him,The torture of hearing his story on every visit will make them think if the car didnt hit him in the head. Eventually he will start visiting the PMLN offices for handouts and political patronage but a langra guy is of no use to them and soon gullu butts will kick his ass out. And that is how you get the male version of Gormit Aunty. Gormit hamaray liyay kuch nahee karteee.


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Remember how big of fuss made by PMLN when PTI minister slapped someone at the airport? Now they are quiet? They were quiet when a kid was killed by their minister's car during their call for Inquilab.
Such a losers!


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maybe this is the practise so they can eventually lie in the paths of tanks. But we know that will never happen. the phand merasi following is NOT brave.
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