PMLN and PPP are united against PTI’s govt to protect public interest - Mian Javed Latif


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iss jaidaay k...r lateef k...r ke baitay h...mi nasal aur gas chor fradiyaa ko shayad public interest kaa matlab nahi ptaa iski pedaish bhi kisi gahak naay apni hram kaari say public interest mai hi krai thi
Mqm has always looted Karachi ,,, they were always in every looting Govt ,,, pmlnQ chaudries were always Noon league and Pervaiz Illahi was biggest Daku labelled by Imran khan

And u say not to loot ????
But they were allowed to by people who were even more corrupt than them. In normal circumstances we would run a mile but it's them or the Noora-PPP and I know what the country prefers.
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