PMLN and PPP are looking upon Molana Fazal ur Rehman for the moment - Hamid Mir

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Aab yeh halat ho gai hai ke zardaku aur PM-LN, Diesel ka intizaar ker rahe ke woh unko qiyadat dey

Hai hai dhoob marne ka muqaam hai Patwari Jiyalon ke liye!


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Wheres the revelation in this? We already know that the lost for direction opposition is looking up to a trouble maker to bring in his madrasah kids to provide numbers....


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Haan bhae Hamid Mir woh Ajmal Kasab ke village sae uske abba sae dubara mile jo aap nae Pakistan mei sabko aur apne India mei chahne walon ko di thee ??


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He is just twisting the facts , in reality both parties cant gather any street power whereas molana can gather 100k easily on 1 day notice due to his madrasah power


Minister (2k+ posts)
Fajlu ko ex FATA elections mien 4 saal ke lite lullipop de kar shant kar diya jayega fajlu always bets on winners
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